Coaching Packages

These are our current coaching packages that is open to anyone. Whether you are a Veteran or someone that has some type of relationship with a Veteran, we believe that true integration of a Veteran comes in the community and the people that a Veteran sees/works with on a consistent basis. We empower and enhance the skills of others so that we create a bigger ripple effect for those we love.


4 Week focus courses | group/individual

These courses provide fundamentals of Communication Intelligence Dynamics (CQD) Each course will invite students to create weekly goals and a overall month goal based on the curriculum of the course. Economic and subject focused, these are perfect for anyone who would like to take a crash course on the topics and philosophies that we teach


performance coaching | individual

This program is for anyone that would like to take their personal performance to the next level. We take our concepts and create a customized coaching program for each individual to support them achieving their personal and/or business goals. Mindset focused, we ensure that our players are equipped with the skill sets to communicate with themselves and others at a highly effective level. 


organization training | group

This is for organizations, companies and small teams that are looking to create a cohesive system. We identify challenges and strengths and provide communication training on how individuals can effectively work together to achieve a common goal. Co-workers and teammates will have a better understanding of themselves, each other and how their roles fit in the bigger picture of the team's mission.