Have you ever felt that tension inside of you? Where you knew you were born to do something great? Something significant? Something extraordinary?  And as much as you sensed this and we're convinced of it, it was the most elusive thing in your life? A journey towards life fulfillment is what I pursued since 2014. Since then I have spent much time, money and effort seeking spirituality, mentors, and coaches to guide me to a life of purpose. And what it comes down to is mastering 4 pillars of behavior: emotions, mentality, confidence and communication. And the drive to our personal mission is our vision.


"Imagine. Risk. Create" is a mantra we want to be able to instill into Veterans in the civilian life. If we are survivors after our service is completed; there is so much more that we have to offer to the world. It would be selfish of us to withhold our skills, our talents and our experiences that has the potential of helping others. 

What is it that we want, and why do we want it? What is it that we could do that is bigger than ourselves? We want to be able to provide a training that is so profound and self awakening that we become modern day Spartans in every pillar in our lives and in every community. 



Physically based in Ventura, CA - we currently provide live workshops to organizations that serve military Veterans and active duty military in the local area. We have the capability to do training over the phone or via a virtual conference call.


Through my personal experience as a Veteran and other experiences shared by other fellow Veterans the struggle in finding a connection between military culture and civilian life is frustrating. Many of us often feel stuck despite our achievements, capabilities and skills learned and attained in the military. Our learned behaviors are not well translated into civilian culture. And so this feeling of a lack of momentum, often leads to lack of a clear vision on our future and life purpose.


Help Military Veterans transition from military into civilian life with greater purpose and fulfillment


We currently provide workshop style live training to small groups. These workshops provide a foundation to the learning that enables evolved behaviors and mindsets to the individual Veteran. We also provide one-on-one coaching to individuals to accelerate this evolving behavior. This private process also gives the opportunity to set goals and keep accountability in achieving those goals. We also provide weekly online training given by our joint venture organization Life on Fire. This online training academy best serves the Veteran entrepreneur.


admin & logistics

Live workshops are a 1-day event while coaching and the online training academy happens once or twice a week.

command & signal

Depending on the program, instructing and coaching can be done in person, over the phone or via virtual conference call.


Yves is so understanding and helpful. I really appreciate his time for listening and sharing resources. Our meeting was so impactful and I received great insight and information to help me in the future.
— Chef Diana Riley, The Kitchen Table

Enjoyed my conversation with Yves. He asks the hard questions and set me up with a marketing action plan. Highly recommend him.
— Ryan W. Vanderhoff, Transitioning Veteran

I had a great time speaking with Yves. He was patient and encouraging. I definitely felt comfortable talking to him.
— Jon Santiago, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran