Who is Yves Domingo? 

Evolving Veteran - Yves Domingo.JPG

It all started when...

...binge watching on YouTube and saw a commercial of a guy and his Lamborghini in his garage. The feeling of doing more and having a more fulfilled life started to rise up in me. So I decided to become an entrepreneur and become my own boss. 

Not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, but this is how I envisioned to be my best fulfilling self. Veterans can find purpose within any career and profession. The question I would ask myself is if that career feeds my soul and feeds my financial needs. Digital marketing is what I first got involved with. Although my skills and talents prove my worth in the industry, the business did not feed my soul.

What people noticed about me is that I would light up whenever I would talk about the military and helping Veterans. I created a want to share my story, the lessons learned and the wisdom I learned in advanced communication and emotional intelligence.

Throughout my learning from mentors, coaches, conferences and books, the conclusion I came to is that greatness is imputed when were born. It just takes some self searching, experience, and learning to figure out how we can unleash it. Veterans have to put pride aside and learn how to ask for help and to learn how to get help from any resource available to us. Veterans have to put their pride aside and be willing to learn even more than what we have been taught or have gone through. Veterans have to be willing to mature to another level, knowing what we want and exactly why we want it. And whatever we want out of life, it’s going to take even more challenges than what we already faced.

Evolving Veteran exists because I love Veterans and I love to inspire. So why not build an organization to do just that?